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About Amarillo Wind Machines

In 1934, Amarillo Gear Company began developing a reputation for building and servicing dependable gear boxes in agricultural applications. In 1974, they turned their considerable expertise to upper and lower gear boxes for wind machines, and quickly became the industry standard for excellence. In 1989 the inevitable happened ... Amarillo Gear formed Amarillo Wind Machine LLC. Today Amarillo Wind Machine manufactures, markets, installs and services high quality wind machines globally.

Ongoing Research and Development We have active research and development programs, including our own test groves designed to stress our machines to the limit. This R&D approach makes us a leader in effective prototype development. By constantly improving our capabilities, we have earned the trust of entire agricultural regions around the world.

People You Can Trust Our dealers are honest, hard working people like you, and have extensive experience with a variety of crops. We understand what's at stake, and prove our commitment every day to our valued clients, many of whom farm in extremely remote regions.

With the strong financial backing of Marmon Group, a Berkshire-Hathaway Company led by CEO Warren Buffett, and our commitment to effective prevention and emergency response frost protection, we will continue to bring peace of mind to farmers when it counts the most.

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